About Us

We are the region’s largest provider of ISPM 15 heat treated HT IPPC export compliant wood products. No matter what your wood export requirements are, we can assist you.

Our heat treated ISPM15 export compliant wood products are shipped around the globe.

Whether it is wood dunnage, wooden pallets, wood crates , wedges, cornerposts, engine saddles or virtually any wood product, we offer one call…one solution for your wood exporting requirements. We can provide new and recycled heat treated bug free wood products or arrange to heat treat your wood products for export compliance.

We utilize a heat treating process……. there are NO CHEMICALS involved in our certification process.

With the region’s only certified wood heat treat chamber, we can also treat and certify any wood product for export.

We offer custom design services and can manufacture ISPM15 wood products in both softwood or hardwood in any configuration. In addition to new wood products, we also maintain the region’s largest inventory of recycled pallets with 75,000 to 100,000 used pallets and skids in stock at any given time.

In addition to manufacturing the smallest and most intricate of crates, right up to large industrial size export crates, our crating division offers complete on-site crating services including vci, desiccant, shrink wrap and barrier film metal protection..

Conveniently located only minutes from the Ambassador Bridge, we can easily ship to Michigan, Ohio, New York or Ontario